| July 14th, 2023

Fri Jul 14 21:26:54 2023
(*5d1a5cab*):: I know a guy who met john of god and had many glowing positive things to say about him. This was a few months before the allegations first came out. This is a guy I’ve known a long time, and know well, and Ive never considered him to have good judgment or discernment, especially in spiritual matters, of which he has always had many opinions. I asked him yesterday about it, he said something like, “Im not surprised. That guy is a monster…” (suddenly a wildly different opinion), but also, “a lot of what theyre saying isnt true and I definitely had an authentic profound experience when I met him.”

I didnt say out loud, because weve been through this so many times and its always a waste of time, but I was thinking “well yeah, you were face to face with pure evil. And the fact that you were initially immediately attracted to it speaks volumes dude. Maybe submit to actual God, and youll be less likely to be fooled by a ‘monster’ as you call him.” Alas, I think he wants to be fooled, or at least refuses to acknowledge Truth more broadly, because well, sometimes the truth hurts.

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