| August 15th, 2023

Tue Aug 15 00:43:42 2023
(*b36962f9*):: The current Maui Police Chief was in the Las Vegas Police Department in 2017 and was the INCIDENT COMMANDER during the LAS VEGAS SHOOTINGS

His deputy was also in LV.

“In 2017, Pelletier notably served as the incident commander for the One October mass casualty event in Las Vegas. His Deputy Chief selection, Hank, was also part of the command for the incident and provided after-action presentations across the country on preventing, responding to, and mitigating similar active shooter events”
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*** Anyone recognize this man? Maui Police Chief John Pelletier was also incident commander for the 2017 Las Vegas shooting.

They’ll tell you this is just a coincidence.
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(*54b3f3ac*):: that boi look like a thug

(*54b3f3ac*):: that boi looks like a thug

(*b36962f9*):: You know the sheriff became NV governor

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