| September 6th, 2023

Wed Sep 6 18:24:42 2023
(*07ae591a*):: Stop feeding the borg your data, stop getting targeted ads. Don’t use Windows or Mac OS or iOS or stock Android, get off all social media, delete all online accounts possible (you’ll probably need to keep a few financial ones). Stop using stock Chrome / Firefox, start using privacy-focused forks. Get an adblocker. No more smart shit in your house.

IMO if you eagerly and voluntarily allow yourself to be spied on, you forfeit the right to complain about being spied on.

What you retain the right to complain about regardless is how much shit comes with spying built in that you can’t opt out of.
(*07ae591a*):: Also don’t use gmail or yahoo or outlook. In general, if it’s a product of a big tech company, consider it spyware/malware by default.
(*6952cd93*):: I like feeding the borg dog shit :sunglasses:
(*6952cd93*):: @Bop what do you use for email?
(*07ae591a*):: as a first step for migrating off gmail, protonmail. headed to disroot next, and then setting up my own mail server eventually.
(*07ae591a*):: protonmail WILL cooperate with LE warrants so do not rely on it for anonymity
(*07ae591a*):: The way I am doing it is opening the protonmail account, forwarding all gmail stuff to there. Over time, switching my actual platform accounts (bank, cc, utilities, etc) from gmail to protonmail. Eventually I will have no more gmail-forwarded stuff in inbox, and then I will open disroot, start forwarding everything from protonmail, and repeat.
(*6952cd93*):: I use gmail and outlook for convenience and historical reasons but most of my mail for my domains is now self hosted in a mail-in-a-box instance. I love it, it works so well.
(*6952cd93*):: I haven’t personally audited it for security though maybe it’s swiss cheese but it’s gotta be better than gmail malware lol
(*07ae591a*):: Email in general isn’t great, security-wise, especially if you’re concerned about forward secrecy. SNDL is being practiced by multiple state intelligence agencies.
(*54b3f3ac*):: can you locate that pic that show where the term racist comes from please? I cant find it
(*07ae591a*):: One downside of MIAB is that if you’re using it on a VPS or dedi as the only user of that mail server, every bit of SMTPS traffic to/from that box is itself a signal that you’re communicating, and just like web traffic fingerprinting, some of your mail may have easily guessable content for a passive adversary just analyzing metadata (e.g. ISP selling netflow metadata to Team Cymru). With multi-user mailboxes, such an adversary can’t as easily tell what messages are going to who.
(*4297a328*):: I’ll dig around but thisnis super racist
(*4297a328*):: take your pick https://yandex.com/images/touch/search?source=tabbar&text=communist%20history%20of%20the%20word%20racism
*** Yandex Images
*** Search results for “communist history of the word racism” in Yandex Images
*** yandex.com
(*6952cd93*):: Jews invented Nazis and Commies exhibit 666 +public!


(*4297a328*):: Looks like there’s a big push to destabilize researchers

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