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Tue Sep 12 19:21:20 2023

(*4e3d9761*):: https://twitter.com/shoestring911/status/1701611519942001120
*** Shoestring 9/11 on X
*** Who did this? Numerous Internet domain names were registered in the 15 months before 9/11 that appeared to be referring to the 9/11 attacks-
*** X (formerly Twitter)
(*4297a328*):: +public!
(*07ae591a*):: Keep in mind that there were other attempted terrorism attacks against the twin towers as early as ’93, and none of these appear to reference planes specifically.

Again, I’m not suggesting that there wasn’t advanced knowledge by insiders, just suggesting that this isn’t automatically a “smoking gun” / irrefutable proof on it’s own.

It may be helpful for redpilling undiscerning normies, but we need to be able to argue against the strongest arguments that will be posed by the regime in order to effectively win hearts and minds.

(*07ae591a*):: We ought to steel-man the opposing side’s positions in order to best defeat them. https://lifehacker.com/utilize-the-steel-man-tactic-to-argue-more-effectivel-1632402742
*** Utilize the “Steel Man” Tactic to Argue More Effectively
*** “Straw man arguments” are utilized in debates to undermine the opposition. If you want to take the high road–and debate more effectively in the process–utilize the “steel man” argument.
*** Lifehacker


(*4cfb807c*):: I thought only men could be masonic masters, is Pelosi a tranny?
(*4cfb807c*):: I thought only men could be masonic masters, is Pelosi a tranny?

(*37855b6e*):: Amazing
(*07ae591a*):: Are iPhone 12’s even sold anymore? Didn’t they come out in 2020?

(*b05743e5*):: http://elonmuskrat.weebly.com/uploads/1/3/5/5/13556802/nancy_pelosi_ensnared_by_pizzagate_.pdf
(*4297a328*):: yeah, i mean they’re obsessed with goats
(*4cfb807c*):: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/B%27nai_B%27rith
*** B’nai B’rith
*** B’nai B’rith International ( bə-NAY BRITH; from Hebrew: בְּנֵי בְּרִית, romanized: b’né brit, lit. ’Children of the Covenant’) is a Jewish service organization and was formerly a German-American cultural association. B’nai B’rith states that it is committed to the security and continuity of the Jewish people and the State of Israel and combating antisemitism and other forms of bigotry.

Although the organization’s historic roots stem from a system of fraternal lodges and units in the late 19th century, as fraternal organizations declined throughout the United States, the organization evolved into a dual system of both lodges and units. The membership pattern became more common to other contemporary organizations of members affiliated by contribution in addition to formal dues paying members. B’nai B’rith has members, donors and supporters around the world.

(*4cfb807c*):: ^ jew-masons
(*4cfb807c*):: Leo Frank, whom the ADL claims as it’s reason for existing, was a member in Atlanta, and upon being caught red handed having raped and murdered a 13 y/o white girl at his Pencil Factory (her name was Mary Phagan, and made $0.1/hr or $1.20/day), resulted in the most expensive court case of it’s time (in the south) trying to convict him of the murder
(*4cfb807c*):: The ADL, the modern ADL, is a revamping of what was the function of B’nai B’rith prior to the ADL rebranding and continuing on through time with a different mask
(*4cfb807c*):: Mary Phagan was found strangulated with an electrical cord wrapped around her neck and “embedded in the skin”
(*4cfb807c*):: Also, Leo Frank was reported to have had the habit of “continuously rubbing his hands together”
(*4cfb807c*):: Residents of Mary Phagan hometown stormed the jail Leo Frank was housed with guns, seized Leo Frank and :the_rope: him
(*4cfb807c*):: And no charges were ever brought against the residents thereafter; Leo Frank’s death sentence as commuted to life in prison, which was the catalyst for the residents of Mary Phagan’s hometown to seize and :the_rope: the (((secret society leader of the south)))
(*4cfb807c*):: Tldr: the ADL are talmudic khazari assimilated mafioso jew masons (masons in concert with any other anglo masonic lodge as well, recognized by the grand lodges of britain/scotland)
(*4cfb807c*):: It is because of the masonic connections that there is influence to the south*, and it’s that connection that would need to be severed long term to untangle it’s culture from “ours”, because the standard masons should be :the_rope: probably as well. This is another example of the Eva effect in “white” culture.
(*4297a328*):: Based analysis

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