| March 19th, 2024

Tue Mar 19 19:46:16 2024
(*ea8266d6*):: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/science-news/4687152/Tom-Hanks-to-switch-on-repaired-Large-Hadron-Collider.html
*** Tom Hanks to switch on repaired Large Hadron Collider
*** Tom Hanks, the actor and star of Forrest Gump, will turn on the Large Hadron Collider, designed to recreate the ‘Big Bang’, when it is finally repaired.
*** The Telegraph

(*097dfbf6*):: is that before or after the sex cult ritual?
(*097dfbf6*):: +public!
(*4cfb807c*):: Hanks had someone murdered and taunted the family on twitter with the evidence, something about a rubber glove
(*ea8266d6*):: Not sure. Need to dig to find out

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