| December 14th, 2022

Wed Dec 14 00:57:46 2022
(*6952cd93*):: People told me I’m insane for saying there are going to be secret labs to grow children without documentation noting their existence to enslave and consume. Regulations can’t stop this. In fact, it’s probably already happening right now. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/terrifying-artificial-womb-facility-parents-28720237 +public!
*** Terrifying ‘artificial womb facility’ where parents can pick their baby’s traits
*** EctoLife can grow up to 30,000 babies a year and parents can pick their children’s traits from a menu. The lab came about after fifty years of research, and is the brainchild of Berlin-baed Hashem Al-Ghaili
*** mirror

(*6952cd93*):: ^ this is gonna get crazier than Gattaca
(*b05743e5*):: already has happened, according to one interpretation of enty’s jar baby idea

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