| March 13th, 2023

Mon Mar 13 02:31:19 2023
(*4cfb807c*):: I have a pet theory daylight savings is just prior to the solstice to throw off plebs from making any competing blood/ritual sacrifices at the same time of true midnight
(*4cfb807c*):: So in true competition, mass prayer should be held from midnight til dawn on the solstice, as a new humanistic consciousness quasi religious practice to be at odds with any would-be Baalist rites and in general make it a Baalist awareness event to ostracize, or otherwise reach out and slap their asses metaphysically speaking. It would be great to make it a southern Baptist practice to also be at odds with Masonic lodges, that are often right around the corner a sponser of the local Baptist church. It might sound trivial, but it will get their attention for sure. I think as a people we need to make better use of talismanic principles, which we already do here to a good extent via memes, which is in a lot of ways talismanic. Anyway, that’s my Sunday screed.
(*5b5b0ae5*):: +public!

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