| March 23rd, 2023

Thu Mar 23 20:36:46 2023
(*f763ed18*):: https://twitter.com/Edward__Bernays/status/1438131799243243523
(*6952cd93*):: My spooky psyop girl :heart_eyes:


(*6952cd93*):: +public!
(*4cfb807c*):: Oh shit, we should filter LinkedIn and other known academia metadata endpoints and filter by International Relations & Economics dual majors and see what personas web out to positions of employment
(*4cfb807c*):: We could probably map every known spook from that edge metric alone
(*4cfb807c*):: And w/ modest AI and counter-psyop objectives probably fuck their shit up really badly
(*3bd42332*):: Economics is fake and gay
(*3bd42332*):: ?
(*5b5b0ae5*):: Haha funny that the gov could have defeated bitcoin by calling it fake and gay yearssss ago

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