| April 19th, 2023

Wed Apr 19 21:40:49 2023
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“Modern neuroscience does not include any kind of mind-body dualism. It’s not compatible with being a serious neuroscientist nowadays. I’m not a philosopher, but one succinct statement I like is saying, ‘The mind is what the brain does.’ The sum of the bio-computational functions of the brain makes up ‘the mind,'” said study senior author Nico Dosenbach, a neurology professor at Washington University School of Medicine.

Modern neuroscience is philosophically bankrupt. It is just more utilitarian nihilism. They just completely throw away God’s gift of subjective experience and individual free will to explore a world brimming with meaning and purpose into the trash can like they are philosophical zombies without a genuine subjective experience of their own. They treat it like it is inconsequential, an illusion, just a mere side effect of some more important process and nothing more.
*** Scientists identify mind-body nexus in human brain
*** The relationship between the human mind and body has been a subject that has challenged great thinkers for millennia, including the philosophers Aristotle and Descartes. The answer, however, appears to reside in the very structure of the brain.
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