| July 26th, 2023

Wed Jul 26 18:55:36 2023
(*4e3d9761*):: US recovered non-human biological pilots from crashed crafts, UFO whistleblower says in hearing.
(*4cfb807c*):: +public!

(*4e3d9761*):: Very astute observers will notice that Grusch was asked if any adversaries have been reverse engineering or engaging in technology transfer (!!!!!!!!!!) with non-human intelligence. Grusch responded that ‘he doesn’t know that specific answer the way the question was worded’. As to say ‘Adverseries, I dont know. US government is a different story’
(*4cfb807c*):: So in short, yes its been a dirty slut fest of technology transfer w/ lots of adversies possessing these capabilities as well. It is semi-distributed to a mixed crowd of backroom hustlers that also like to consume human infant meat, attend children’s orgies and worship Moloch or Baal. The #1 concern will be Israeli capabilities, because they will use it only for evil. Maybe we can expel them from the planet once and for all with this technology. Maybe send them into the sun. Just thinking out loud. It should be considered tantamount that a US Citizen w/ the freedom to possess a rifle, should also be freedom to construct, build, possess, and otherwise pilot homebrew UAP, consumer UAP, retail UAP and otherwise any part or process therein. Participation in these industries must go populist.

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