| August 15th, 2023

Tue Aug 15 21:15:40 2023
(*07ae591a*):: Their plane crashes after being unexpectedly tampered with during maintenance / pre-flight checks, their car veers into a telephone poll at high speed for no apparent reason, they shoot themselves twice in the back of the head with a rifle cartridge and the coroner knows it was a suicide because they left their 6-chamber revolver with 5 rounds left on the ground next to their body with their fingerprints on it
(*07ae591a*):: Do you think in 500 years, historians will look back on the consistency of events like random “plane crashes” and random “car accidents” of important people like that and consider those to be euphemisms rather than literal mechanisms of assassinations?
(*4e3d9761*):: Man it happens all the time. We probably cover one every three weeks in conspiracy facts. Conspiracy facts is full of facts that you might think you could just present the facts to someone and they would be forced to act but this is very much not the case.
(*4e3d9761*):: There’s no one to present this information to.
(*4e3d9761*):: You just have to slowly watch it roll out pizzagate style. Some stuff just falls between the cushions forever.
(*07ae591a*):: And then the fact that we now have like what, a third of the population that is more or less permanently accepting of regime narrative, even in spite of hard evidence of the regime’s fingerprints?

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