| June 11th, 2023

Sun Jun 11 17:55:41 2023
(*4e3d9761*):: btw if you wana take a look Michael Shratt is a prolific crash/retrevial researcher. He does a four part presentation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pX9lQIsye_Q
*** Michael Schratt – UFO Crash Retrievals (Part 1) The Story Begins Here.

*** YouTube

(*4e3d9761*):: Theres an entire pile of 40 year long career UFO researchers that published their lifes work — multiple generations of them even. Its like coming across gold each time ya find it.
(*4e3d9761*):: I’m guessing just one day everyone minds changes and they look at your with blank eyes and say ‘why are you looking at me funny, we have always thought this way’.

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