| June 12th, 2023

Mon Jun 12 18:02:09 2023
(*4e3d9761*):: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDY7t6HihCw scott greer’s presentation goin down now. Hes got more whistleblowers
*** Monday, June 12, 2023! Dr. Greer’s Groundbreaking National Press Club Event! FREE to Watch!”

*** YouTube

(*4e3d9761*):: Scott’s presentation is fuckin crazy. They are CARPET BOMBING the shadow government with whistleblowers.
(*4e3d9761*):: He’s showing pictures of the auctual sites! The bases!
(*4e3d9761*):: 150 top secret bases! underground military bases!
(*4e3d9761*):: holy shit he is saying that the UFO have been reverse engineered and they have made their human made crafts
(*4e3d9761*):: and thats the bigger secret.
(*4e3d9761*):: holy fuck he is saying the tic tac is human made
(*4e3d9761*):: and giving evidence.
(*4e3d9761*):: he describing scalar weapons system. A new type of weapon system the aliens are worried about.
(*4e3d9761*):: this is hands down the craziest UFO video ive ever seen.
(*4e3d9761*):: He is accussing the shadow government of treason.
(*4e3d9761*):: This is the breakaway civilization. Its real.
(*4e3d9761*):: He says teh zeropoint energy has been developed already.

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