| July 13th, 2023

Thu Jul 13 14:51:26 2023
(*4e3d9761*):: btw Chris Lehto is branching out of his ‘only approved narratives will be considered’ a bit. He did a show recently on one of scott greers whistleblowers, the nuetrino detector one.
(*4e3d9761*):: https://youtu.be/WRT9_7sq8YE?t=331 Lehto says the nuetrino detector alone would be able to detect UAP. In the press conference some of the nerdy scientists got real coy and had big smiles when asked about ‘sources’ and said ‘they will be back with more and to stay tuned’.
*** IceCube Observatory a “multifaceted directed energy platform”

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(*4e3d9761*):: He even entertains and idea that a nuclear sub could go under the ice to power the trasmitter part —- this kind of thinking is new to Chris who used to regard people like greer (and his ideas) with this social scorn.
(*4e3d9761*):: He concludes that the detector is perfectly placed for testing a new comms system with submarines, as it rights by an ELF station (sub comms). You could test a message with the new comms system with the old comms system.
(*4e3d9761*):: So, apparently these nuetrinos fly straight through the earth and would allow you to triangulate all nuclear reactors on earth (including subs).
(*4e3d9761*):: Also, linda presented the reddit genetics leaker last night. It looks perfectly real. She played an interview from 2004 saying a lot of the same things.
(*4e3d9761*):: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdSiwH-Ksr8 It was a fun episode, worth watching.
*** July 12 – How many Exo-Biospheric-Organisms are stored at Wright-Patterson AFB?

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(*4e3d9761*):: The interviewee from 2004 is interesting to listen to because he got basically everything right. Its funny cause when you start down the rabbithole, you are desperate for truth, but there are some interviewees that say nothing but truth (as best they can) the entire time all in one spot. All you had to do was listen to one of them.

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