| October 8th, 2022

Sat Oct 8 15:48:32 2022 (*4e3d9761*):: https://tinyklaus.medium.com/the-somber-implications-of-the-cognitive-human-interface-1f64c1fde643 *** The Somber Implications of the Cognitive Human Interface *** “If you tell them everything, then they get lazy.” *** Medium
(*4e3d9761*):: This is a leaked DoD slide. Everything is really hiding in plain site. The Phenoma is now quantumn physics. (*4e3d9761*):: Garry Nolan thinks that even the grays are not real, just how the phenomena is choosing to present itself.
(*3bd42332*):: So CERN is actually a demon portal and the occultist shamans are playing around with new features (*3bd42332*):: …. Are they gonna shut down cern because of electric prices?

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