| October 8th, 2022

Sat Oct 8 16:43:59 2022 (*4e3d9761*):: https://thedebrief.org/solving-the-hard-problem-of-consciousness-physicist-nir-lahav-ph-d-on-a-relativistic-theory-of-consciousness/#sq_h5i3zyvxtz *** Solving the Hard Problem of Consciousness: Physicist Nir Lahav Ph.D. on a Relativistic Theory of Consciousness – The Debrief *** Dr. Nir Lahav explains how a relativistic approach to the hard problem of consciousness may help unravel the mysteries of our minds. *** The Debrief (*6952cd93*):: I read about this a couple weeks ago. It’s actually a really neat approach to the problem, but also kind of disappointing haha
(*6952cd93*):: How are the CERN folks gonna explain to the demons that they can’t keep the portal open because they shut down all their nuclear reactors because of the influence of a Swedish high school dropout? :facepalm:

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